Friday, 13 March 2020

Pair o' Noid Deluge-ins

The Zhuangzi paradox confounds not the liver of everyday life. I assume most people have neither time nor inclination to ponder this philosophy wherever they're not already beyond it.

Sure, there'll always be lay newcomers whose minds are blown by the proposal that life might be a dream. But the difference between sensations during dreaming and the same from the state of conscious recall seems so stark as to make such a concept at most an effective method for leaving unhelpful worries by the wayside — to remind oneself when a fret is just a fret. That, or an obsession sure to lose oneself to a damnable case of the crazies from which there is no waking up.

Maybe just about anyone upon being pressed if they were sure that their lives were indeed real by some distinction would admit to uncertainty that suggests an unspoken compact akin to surrender. Maybe we are all living contractual liabilities, spinning the best out of a helpless cause.

As a layperson myself, I assume that the less regarded stumbling block to waking to our dreaming reality is that, while it is easy, if you try, to find specific reasons we've conceived certain scenes in dreams, we are too distracted by the absoluteness of the images of our daily lives to see what each of these might symbolize.