Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Al Gore Rhythm for Precedent 2020

Call this one 'both sides do it', though I'm loathe to refer to a world with more nuance than to have two sides about anything, even the proverbial coin has an edge, sometimes with an untold count of ridges.

For as the algorithm has probably indirectly informed everyone who hadn't known already by now, "they" aim to divide. Not just to justify clamping down on the resultant threat to stability that moderns and post-moderns alike have come either to cling to out of desperation or simply to surrender to, but to keep the coffers of both sides healthy enough to cough and breathe and breed for another untold generation.

Examples? Do I have to?

Ugg. I'm doing this. Let's begin with...
teh least healthy etre-meme: You know how the guy that played Forrest is somehow the center of the universal network of paedophiles (and cannibalists in certain parts)? No? Well, you're lucky, then. Because if the algorithm catches you and you have any sense of self-awareness, it can be depressing. Why me? Am I really a good target for this shit? Take heart. The algorithm doesn't care what you believe or will believe, even if it's designed to give you what someone might think you want. The algorithm doesn't think, it just spews forth. The algorithm makes the best argument for coitus interruptus that I can think of. Or maybe it's the advice not to go grocery shopping hungry. I've lost my own thread. Sorry.

It's okay, I know I'm not gullible enough not to see through someones' attempts to manufacture a conspiracy. Unfortunately, I'm also aware of the lameness of these attempts because I know they are just as likely part and parcel of the larger conspiracy surrounding them, whose modus operandi is too fill the pipes with shit. And as that metaphor would reveal, there's no conspiracy necessary for this conspiracy to exist. Just shit.

Okay, so this Gump-is-a-baby-eater notion, which probably sprang from the well of Pizza Gate, would appear to be most widespread among the Always-Trumper set. This is instructive. Not because all-things-Donnie Dumps-in his-pants render themselves dubious. Sometimes yea, sometimes nay. But because Always-Trumpers, like every other folk attached to their folksy belief in a personality, president, country, cult, or myth, or just downright nice guy who you'd be crazy to hate on, they have a blind spot for anything that would boomerang the criticism they project onto their pet enemies back into the tuft of weeds between their trailers.

Enter Florida Congress-croc Matt Gaetz. That this unmarried son of a politician, born in Hollywood, Swampland, and raised in the house where they shot The Truman Show adopted a twelve-year-old boy from Cuba  (these are just things he wants you to know) and was the lone vote against a bill passed in Congress called the Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act (and who also just happened to think that an inquiry into former prosecutor Alex Acosta's handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case set a dangerous precedent) would be enough for Always Trumpers to manufacture a YooToob with ominous music about the guy's links to the netherworld of reptilian baby eaters if he weren't one of their own. We do not eat our own.

To be clear, I believe that neither Hanx nor Gaetz is worthy of such untoward scrutiny. The creepiness factor that accompanies such a thing far surpasses that which was intended in the creation of the thing itself. The algorithm would lead one to the plausible belief that the sheer numbers of people who believe this shit is substantial enough to be concerned enough that "someone should do something about it" — a phrase that alludes to the irony of one nutter among the many true believers, who would like to think they are sceptics of narratives meant to shape their realities, but never saw a Yootoob that catered to their bias as anything other than unassailable proof,  might and apparently occasionally would or do take matters into their own hands to end at least one element of the baby eating.

That danger would lead to others demanding a gaggle of officeholders and appointees to disappear their YooToobs, banning them into the recesses of their subscribers' tortured imaginations. Hwut 'r' ye gonna do?!

So what are the two sides being bolstered here? It's complicated. I'll return to that after the next examples. As a future entry would have it: Shit gets deep.

The shitstain on Pennsylvania Ave., whether his racist bonafides are racistly bona-fide, is without any question from within my center of being someone who is actively using every trick of propaganda from Nazi Germany to bolster plausible support. It's updated for the era, and the support is plausible, sure, but it would seem to be the extremes he targets with his lowkey memes and dogwhistling, though that'd be a much higher set of notes. Interestingly, his most powerful opposition comes from the world of alphabet soup that co-opted and updates the methodology under the aegis of their own spin on freedom to be free to do whatever they please under the cover of their creepy darkness.

Whether it's entrapment and blackmail, whose tradition begins with the very founding of the FBI and continues to encourage terrorists of all stripes to do what they may or may not do, as it's anyone's guess whether or not a guy would buy and build dangerous toys even if he didn't have g-men providing his connections to purchase and training, often brushed aside in spycraft journalists' ease as "shadowing him", and whose efforts to land a high ranking general in jail as if it were by the arbitrary nature of political sport, because there's nary a person outside of the Always Trumper set who'll give a shit (and maybe that's the point (scored)), or torture and coup, whose tactics have gone from the pulling out of finger nails variety to a twisted web ex-nazi doctors dosing subjects with psychedelics for months on end in an attempt to create an unquestioning soldier or shady lone assassin,  and went from supporting whatever fascist faction would shoot and kill any democratically elected leader who could be written off, literally, with the brand of communism, to founding and/or infiltrating NGOs to encourage tweeters around the globe to provide emotional cover for the overthrow of whichever government the algorithm has whoevers' feeds exploding at whatever time in the glorious history of human progress.

These two sides are bolstered by forever switching biases based on the manner of the moment. The AlphAbetS have a new found appreciation from anyone rightfully afraid of the downright fascistic and plausibly apparent civil war wreaking reality star, a fear so agitated by their algorithm that it clicks and swallows without question any nugget of manufactured truth that comes from the authors of the new red scare. For their part, the ground dwelling fascists are encouraged by the fact that it's fascists who are plausibly apparently fighting them. So fervent is this feeling that they've forgotten how much they had worshipped at the altar of this same deep state only almost a generation gone-by.

Then, and probably most significantly, you have a kind of run of the mill status quo (as opposed to the general status quo, which is everything). The run of the millers keep on milling, approving every line in the budget while complaining to their constituents about every other line in the budget, pointing to the evils they guarantee will make tomorrow worse, which is one of the few promises not broken, ostensibly crowdfunding while raising the funds that funded the getaway car for the last time they transferred more wealth to their base at the top while crippling everyone's base at the bottom, and paid for the luxurious retirement communities for the cabal that was the most dangerous evil that would lead to evil if it wasn't stopped the last time they'd innuendo'd that campaign that continues to fill the coffers that cough and breed hope and desperation.

So how does a crazy fantasy that Hollywood and the Democratic Party form a cabal along with George Soros and Bill Gates that wants to usher in a New World Order wherein all your children are immunised against your will with poisonous tracking devices so that they can track them down and breed more of them in FEMA camps so that it will be easier to rape and eat them bolster "the other side" and what does that other side bolster in return?

Last question first: For one they provide get away cars and cushy retirement homes for them once the heat of their alleged crimes is quelled by the algorithm swing of a new election, which doesn't necessarily have to be historic in nature and whose campaign doesn't have to win a bunch of prizes from the advertising industry, but it doesn't hurt (imagine that?).

First question: You'd have to be nuts to express any worry about the Democratic Party, as such, the financial activities of George Soros, not that you'd necessarily know what those are, or the qualifications of the world's second richest erstwhile monopolist to lead the world's policy of dealing with pandemics. I mean, you could make statements like, "I don't necessarily agree with such and such, but..." but you certainly cannot make any of these anything remotely resembling your central concern.

And the 2sides bolstered by each other aspect exists in just about everything an algorithm spews forth, even if only of things of which, if you're lucky, you remain blissfully unaware.