Friday 6 November 2020


Anyone who makes the claim that Biden, Joe, former vice president and senator from Delaware, with a voting record and history of legislative *author- or sponsorship, is a communist or socialist or Marxist, open, secret, or otherwise, may as well call their fave "news outlet" the same.

Of interest here is that the FOXNEWS brand brought to life by Rupert Murdoch would prove unable to school its viewers on the nuances and impartiality of what it means to be free and fair.

With that in mind, even more interesting to me would be how FOXNEWS with their latest coverage of the election reveals more clearly than ever how they are a part of the establishment media. As is true with establishment political parties and their representatives, the deepest and most pernicious aspect of the varied establishment media is their commonality. Not some faux pas or misdeed one or another journo did for the establishment, though that would be included among their many crimes against the free society they're supposed to inform, but the assumptions that inform their general content.

FOX has always been establishment, and they've assisted in making their rivals seem virtuous, even while the latter are delivering the authoritarian bits that only interest their owners. You might even say that, for their part, that's FOX' responsibility. This doesn't prevent them from dialing it back ever so slightly now and again. Not only does that bolster narrower parameters of allowable debate, it also makes FOXNEWS seem relatively reasonable every once in a blue moon to those who find them anything but. 

* Plagiarism is just recognizing someone else's swell turn of phrase.