Friday, 18 March 2022

Tales I Win

a head could be stamped
continuously spinning
on precious metal 
The difference is this side acknowledges its mistakes. Even their misdeeds are acknowledged as such. In real time it appears through their nested organs of free press, albeit without a sustained demand for accountability via punitive or corrective measures. Sometimes politicians claim errors in judgment. These they qualify with someone else's misdirection.
State sanctioned acknowledgement can come in the form of a simulation of an apology, even up to a century later. Then the apologist tells the victim it's time to stop blaming them for their problems and pull up their pants. Restitution is a patronizing offer of credit as if it's a present from heaven. Would-be debtors should be advised that gifts falling from the sky do irreparable damage upon expiration, though a non- refuse-able carrot refused can make a more moderate movement from the ground. This comes with free new leadership of the benefactor's right of first refusal.
with relentless spin
the unwanted elements 
are too valuable