Sunday, 18 December 2005

Under E for Orange

All the bits and pieces are already there, just not yet in place. So when we are awoken by sound, which, upon waking we remember was represented by something in our dream logic, of course the sound came first, and the logic later.

I’ve recently imagined that the dream is going forward and backward simultaneously, with the perception, however, in the same fixed place. To make more sense of this idea, I’ve reverted back to the nightly ordering of daily files concept. This means that the information for the story is in temporary files waiting to be filed more accordingly once the dream state begins. The story is already familiar to us, moreover, laid before us in its entirety, rather than played out in any linear fashion. Conversely, as the filing process begins, the logical mind perceives this reshuffling as a somewhat cohesive story. So anything that seems sequentially dubious is hardly exceptional, for the order in which the events are perceived takes a back seat to the category under which they are filed.