Thursday, 30 March 2006

February 9th Update

The State’s head is in a fog, and the church and her many religions seek advantage.
They cry out, “Intolerance”, all the while, all the more intolerant themselves. It makes one wonder less, how much is too much— and more, how much we can do without.

Hence my warning to you — the religious, the devout, and the pious and petty — is look out! You will get your battles and your wars, but they’ll be no reward; not here. Heaven? If that is what you think you have coming, then leave the rest of us alone since you don’t know how to live with us.

You have more freedom than at any time in your various histories. Stop worrying about being disrespected, and start paying the rest of us a little more respect. Your laws are not ours. Paradise? You’ve had your chance.