Monday, 24 April 2006

Was Neues

I spent the anniversary weekend of that savior's death and (surprise) rebirth in Upper Lusatia, where I had the pleasure of staying with Sorb poet Kito Lorenc, who, unless your one of the few thousand who speak the language, you've probably never heard of. I "stumbled" across some of his earlier work on my first night before turning in...

...but couldn't really appreciate it for obvious reasons.

Parallels to my own kin and their surroundings were quite eerie, especially that first night and next morning. We spent one evening waxing and painting eggs according to the Sorbian tradition, which is much more interesting than it sounds: One uses various utensils to draw wax patterns on the egg before coloring it. Then one reheats the wax and removes it to reveal his stunning design. Making sperm patterns seem to be the best that I could do (I know how that sounds), but it somehow seemed appropriate for such an occasion. The accompanying photo is mine, the egg is Kito's.

Elke (that would be lady of the house) sent me home with Preiselbeere (essentially cranberry) preserves, and while I may not understand Kito Lorenc’s poetry, he made this remark regarding the racket the dishwasher makes which reminded me of something Daddy might say: “Frueher gab’s solche Geraeusche nicht.”

I can now be reached via the .eu [.eu subsequently redirected to thishere diary, .de remains as was] suffix as well as the normal .de for Germany, and the homepage is updated to a new software that should allow most to hear the background music which I re-edited just for the purpose. The mp3 page has a new track as well.