Monday, 26 March 2007

Das Leben der Anderen
(Body and Soul)

You can’t get what you want till you know what you want; let alone what you need. There are always another’s needs to be considered, a most decisive point in the breakdown of communication.

A spy engaging in a secret invasion of privacy, believing to have observed enough to relate to, to identify and empathize with, would attempt in vain to detect the secret desires therein, yet these same might turn out to be nothing but the famine des Fundaments.

The truth is in here
And so assuming it's even possible to get through the always returning fleeting fancies to find what's best for oneself, there is still the other to consider.

A breakdown in communication seems a certainty.

Je suis une âme isolée
Writing his note, I wonder if Brad Delp was considering Harold Smith more than the other. Feeling, mealing, and wheeling.

Zum 50. Geburtstag
Who is the German chancellor and EU President considering with the reprocessed admonition regarding the need for this constitution? I don't suppose it would be the desires of the no-voters in France or Holland, not to mention the citizens with no benefit of a direct vote for whom the ratification has been carried out by proxy. Does she really know what they need, or is she just employing the dutiful ambition demanded of her agencies?