Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Genesis to Revelations

Is it fear that fills the heart with thunder?

A baby cries. It begins; A mother tries desperately to figure out what the problem is and to shut the kid up. Of this origin, misery's distraction takes eternal root.

Imagine adults as babies, bursting out crying loudly and unrestrained for no apparent reason; and the reaction from others is one of either seeming indifference or to start crying themselves.

What are you afraid of?

On a commuter train at any given time, a quarter of the passengers are red-faced, slobber and snot-glazed snout wailing. During rush hour it’s quite a theater. Still they make their stops, and go on to where they are supposed to go.

The tracks go clackity-clack.

Revelations According to DV
Had Lynch had a Pound to clean out his waste land, it may have ended up shorter, but I doubt there’d’ve been enough left to resemble an empire. A lot of quotable bits, plenty of recycled ideas, including red curtains and a givin' of the backhand to Hollywood, and material to have so many trying to make sense of it all, while others complain that it can’t be made sense of. Very nice.

Things don't so much change, as reveal themselves for what they truly are. Here I'm parrot-paraphrasing.