Thursday, 12 April 2007


With rash intent I dare to send
This note received a mutual friend:

Take the cups from beneath the cupboard.
Place them on the table and wait like seeds in a lemon
For our mutual friend whose suffered.
‘Der mache seine Liebe mit verschiedenen Stimmen.’

The plan and how it’s seen is
Possibly like that which is meant.
Yes, not only is it this!
For the moment intends intent,
While the others flee in ern’st, but
Lie in wait for assured consent.

For pure desire one’d require
To see it without having to have it.

This soul free of incarnation
Knows a joy far beyond that of the other’s pleasure:
Embodied sans manifestation,
But determined is the wait for the greatest of treasure.

To have a face or to make one,
One may have a mask to put on
And not be aware that it’s revealed
To be the one whose concealed
Face beneath the face betrays
Buried wants, sleeping forays.

For this practice one wears no suit,
And yet the findings bear no fruit.

I will show you we’re in a roomful of dust,
When the sun warms half the room today.
Stave off the cold, stir up the lust.
It is here that you have come to stay.

to Kurt

Did it hurt?