Saturday, 2 January 2010

Drahtzieher oder Rädelsführer?

That is the question: Whether 'tis nobler of intent to purchase poison milk from the retail family grocer, extending in the process the tetrapack mountain range; or to return the brown bottle to the wholefood shop staffed with machines that don't work and interns who aren't paid.

Foundation or Commission?
After initially balking, a former president's foundation has updated its donor list to include 2009. While it is not required by law, it is said that the current administration had necessitated this as part of the deal to make the former president's wife Secretary of State. Obviously, they wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Avoiding an actual conflict of interest is another story. Avoiding general public knowledge of what interests there actually are is a whole nother story. But hey, one need look no further than any party convention to see that presidents love to tell stories. And if the world's biggest soft drinks manufacturer wants to donate money to a good cause, who am I to question their motivation?

War on Drugs
Who woulda thought there was loyalty to AP-fed headlines? I'd always assumed that the bold-type attention grabbers were manipulated to serve the purpose of the respective this just in-ers; that only the bodies were copied & pasted.

But the fact the both MSNBC and HuffPo have gone with Elton John: I'm Helping Eminem Fight Drugs could mean that they just happen to be cutting back on interns. My first thought when I read the headline: Elvis helped Nixon fight drugs.

Maybe the interns were draining the coffee fund. If you wanna get high, but don't wanna die, import cheap and drink moderately.

War on Terror
While a FOX news anchor roundly criticized her guest's call for stripsearching all Muslim airline passengers aged 18 to 25, qualifying her as a foxerate; and politicians debate the nature of security failure; and pundits argue about where the focus of the military should or shouldn't be; and at the risk of my beating a bomb-rigged goat:

The war on terror meme is all about being able to put military resources wherever and whenever the facilitator of war wants. It has nothing to do with fighting terror. It does however have the convenient effect of creating more terror, which in turn allows the allocation of more military resources to fight it.

And those effects don't stop because their cause is the lesser of two evils, nor do they bend for the sake of constituent loyalty. Not that they need to. Constituent loyalty doesn't bend either. It just stays home. Call it moderate blowback.

It's gonna be a real hoot when some retired Air Force colonel is recommending anal cavity checks for anyone wanting to visit a disco. Whooa whooa!

And that, meine Damen und Herren, is the Sunday Paper. Remember to wipe responsibly.