Saturday, 9 January 2010


Weathering the storm, eating frozen pizza.

Thinking about eating frozen pizza.

Just read an article in the Berliner Zeitung about "Daisy". She's the low-pressure snowstorm currently blanketing our already icing on the packsnow-caked city surface. According to the article, the relationship between Daisy and an accident involving a Berlin Air machine that strayed off the snow covered runway in Nuremberg is "unclear".

Last night's ride home was relatively slow. My light-generator functioned pretty well, as it's normally wetness that leads to its slipping, i.e. not generating, ergo no illumination. Not that it's needed when everything is white. But it's the law.

Despite side streets of slip-crunch&slide, I only had to get off and walk it once - through Görlitzer Park. Last night/this morning the sky was dark, and every surface covered.

Call to Froggy/Kobah/Nico to request a slightly later begin for rehearsal. And a report on that pizza, now in the oven (having had arugula, almost forgotten broccoli, and cheese added for extra cover).

A call back from Froggy to Burger: Pablo could make it tomorrow; we'll work on the duopoly today anyway. And the trio'll meet tomorrow, then. The main piece involved in this undertaking, entitled 12345, is not included in the link, though we have multiple versions recorded. With Pablo, the distortion on the drums has so far been forgone, allowing his sax a needed breathing room and lending it more of a jazz tone, particularly between the parts beginning and ending 12345 and 54321 respectively. Both variations are quite nice.

Pizza out of the oven. I'll let it cool before cutting. The cheese is less strecky that way.

Returning to the events of the evening past, an audiovisual performance by Kate Donovan and Ryan Hardman: Perfect. Not only the alternating superimposed slide images and accompanying field recordings, but also the location - being beamed from one room into the other through the triple-wide door-less doorway. At one point I thought that the images belonged literally to the wall on which they were being projected.

Not being one to want to admit to having exaggerated, I was pleased that Rinus, who curated the event, said that he thought it was the best visual presentation he'd ever seen; the same had occurred to me.

To cutting. Eating.

Crust not as crisp as so often. This, the result of for once having avoided the following sequence:
(remembering) "Oh shit!"
runs to kitchen
"Oh, man! I do this every time!"

Lesson learned: diarize whilst "cooking". Scratch that! Better make it: diarize about the cooking whenever I have something in, on, or near fire.