Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday Toil et Papier

What Sunday fucking Paper? In neither print nor pixel is it seen fit to display more than breathtaking tickle fights, like images of cleavage averting the ayes. Talk about a Massa-ve burial of any- and everything else of greater importance (note that after his rant, Kennedy voted against the resolution).

Despite my utter lack of faith in any hierarchical form of public or private governance, I have a serious problem with the fact that one need to scour to find this "coverage" and the State Department report supporting its conclusion. And this, a full six and five days, respectively, after the debate on the resolution to end that war of perpetuation (which received, likewise, nary a mention).

You might be thinking: But it got press!

Get real. The location of the snippets that did appear take the meaning of the word "relegated" to a higher (or lower?) level.

I challenge anyone to measure the black on white volume spent on Kucinich's resolution against the same used on the story about Congress' Declaration of Genocide regarding war crimes which took place a full century ago and were carried out by an empire that only exists today as potentially wounded ethnic pride.

The huge headlines adorning captioned colorful-collages versus inch-block reportage represents not just an endeavor to hide the news, as many suggest. It is the effective psychological manipulation that measures its true influence. In relegating an article to a small corner somewhere at the ruffled edge of a broadsheet, its importance is channelled to the corresponding center in the readers' brain:

"The war, oh yeah. Where the fuck the jobs at!?"
"Unemployment, sad. But look what Iran is doing!"
"Iraqi corruption and suicide bombings, sure. But we pretty much left there anyway, didn't we?"
"Financial reform will take shape, but we need to get healthcare passed soon or 40,000 people will die this year!"
"Yes, I regret the DoJ seeming continuity with the previous administration, but look at what FOX is saying about them!"

It is interesting that the narrative about Joe Biden getting punked by Bibi Nettin Yeehah does little to facilitate a discussion about how massive the support for his government really is.

So forgive me for limiting the links to the bits in the first two paragraphs, but this chief editor has deemed everything else bullshit.

But one last link in local news: the German Foreign Minister's nepotism overload is distracting it from itself. [ed: read whole page]

You see, his having taken his brother's business partner with him to Asia is overshadowed by discussions about the appropriateness of travelling with his same-sex partner. Buried within that distraction is what led to it; namely his partner's business. This has essentially shifted the focus from misuse of office and financial conflict of interest to one of equal rights. That's important, right?