Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Great. In the debate over the resolution to get the fuck out of Afghanistan, Rep Steve King of Iowa just said that the reason we should stay is because the enemy knows we're gonna leave eventually anyway. "They're laughing at us." Well, we'll show them.

Goddamn Dem hero Steny Hoyer shows how bloodthirst can reign amid vintage comity. So sweet. He spent half his time talking about the virtue of the fact that they are having a debate ("at all", I would add). At least King made one valid point devoid of hypocrisy, albeit rife with condescension and on it's face incorrect, which is that the current administration is taking credit for the "success" of the recent Iraqi elections. I would amend that with "rolling with the spin".

One reason to respect Hoyer, on the other hand, is that he didn't just say to Kucinich, "Why do you even bother us with this waste of our time?" The press sure didn't.