Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ramblin' on Gamblin'
and Moanin' & Dronin'

It seems a "Gentleman of the Holiness" is gaily linked. Now I don't get it: People whine about priests molesting altar boys, so much so that it has given the vocation a bad name. But when the Vatican finally decides to be proactive about getting real servants, it's somehow criminal.

Do you suppose that whenever the Holy See moans, "Through Him, with Him, and in Him..." he can't help but spooge in his papal panties?

The most famous documentarian from Flint has issued a liberal encyclical of sorts, applying for the Rama's Chief of Staff position, which many seem to believe will be vacated sometime in the near future.

Amidst his otherwise critical view of his would-be predecessor is the amusing observation that Rockin' Rahm "took on the job of returning Congress to the Democrats" in 2006, and that "No one believed it could be done." but that "he did it." All I can say to that is: Anyone incapable of managing a take-back for the Dems in '06 would have to have been retarded.

Poe had his Dream within a Dream. The DOJ has this Sideshow beside the Sideshow: "You see, we might be crazy, but these guys are bat-shit crazy." is what Attorney General Holder might say. This'd make me wonder why they don't pursue Team Bat-Shit, if I didn't already believe they're preserving the right to keep going ultra-nuts themselves. As our great leaders tell us: We're all on the same team.

A group called New America Foundation has released a report in which they conclude that a third of our proud nation's drone kills are of the civilian variety. It goes on to make the not unfamiliar argument that such operations serve more as a recruiting tool for terrorism than it does a disruption. That's funny. I could swear that was candidate Rama's argument for leaving Iraq.

Lesson? The deck is always stacked in favor of the casino.

Peekin' o' switch: In local news from yesterday afternoon, I give you this from the ongoing poker tournament in Berlin. Fuck anyone who doesn't think this shit's funny:


Und, liebe Leserinnen und Leser, als trüge Griechenland die gesamte Schuld, lasse ich Euch mit dieser Sühne...

an Deutschland:::

von Nana Mouskouri