Monday, 3 May 2010

Montag früh, Shotgun-Aufstellung


And in No Pun Intended News: The regime-fawning wing of the Huffington Post recently led with 'Obama Kills At White House Correspondents Dinner' and included his entire "routine" as a video embed. I present the following "bit", as it seemed to go over particularly well with those in attendance:
Oh, I get it. Boy, that's hilarious. You see, what he's saying is - is that if the Jonas Brother try to charm their way into the First Family knickers, he'll order a preemptive payload to the Jonas residence, courtesy of the CIA's Drone Program, which boasts a margin of error of a mere one out of three; sixty-six percent of the kills are officially not innocent Pakistani civilians.

So following this knee-slapping premise, they should expect that their parents and the maid "accidentally" get blown to bloody bits along with them. But that's only an "as if" scenario, because he's only joking. I'll bet the "Pakistani Taliban" - who are desperately trying to take credit for the car bomb discovered this past weekend in Times Square - are just ROTFLTAO!!

It's official: Bo Rama is fucking scary!