Monday, 10 May 2010

Gewonnene Kraft?

The result in yesterday's election in North Rhine-Westphalia might seem more interesting to the American observer - what with the discussions about all the possible coalitions. But more revealing is the fact that Euros and Yanks alike are so quick to assume that these multi-party configurations are any more likely to serve the needs of the people, and illustrates - to me at least - that the Germans are just as naive as their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic as far as belief in the existence of representative democracy is concerned.

Whenever the two "Volksparteien" can't muster the votes to maintain their monopoly on the exploitation of the theoretical common interest, they simply team up literally for a legislature period, and live to fight for figurative ultra-supremacy the next time around.

And if this huge union doesn't come to fruition this time, there is still the Green Party to whore its way into an administration more desirable to one of the big two: It is easier to get your way when your partner makes up a small fraction of influence; that the Greens would subjugate themselves for such influence it telling.

And that whore-monger Free Democrat leader Westerwelle is standing on the corner by the traffic light is a clear warning signal to his federal partners in the CDU that they best come with him to Jamaica if they know what's good for them.