Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fernwirkung der Vergangenheitsgestalt

Defense Minister Guttenberg plagiarized his doctoral thesis.* And a computer beat two Jeopardy champs. Maybe Karl-Theo von & zu's dissertation was ghost-authored by IBM Watson?

*allegedly: Otto Everyman's source of info can't stop coddling His Noblesse just yet.

Tale of Two Television Programs
In the one, a woman delusional on downers (or prescribed downers for being delusional) thinks her husband has disappeared and been replaced with a duplicate.

The other involves a man who is unaware that the woman he is in love with is actually the alternate version from a parallel universe.

The former is a comedy, the latter a drama. The first one off the wall, the second unsettling. The difference being not so much what the stories are about, but how they are told.

Then again, there is that "what the story is about" part.

In the comedy, some nut screams about how the microwaves emanating from the roof of the phone company "are killing us!" His nuttiness is easily established with the context that we are not supposed to consider that there is anything seriously dangerous about microwave satellites and the extent to which we might make such a consideration is tempered by the fact that we can't do anything about it.

And, of course, the actor doing the ranting is talented and funny. The character he portrays, tilting at satellite dishes.

Recombinant Entanglement
I dreamed about someone I knew the night before last.
In an unconscious future, my conscious past.

This collision was separated by a generation of years and kilos of miles. The forebrain-fired neurons were all in my head.

Back then we said things like, "Outta site!" and "Solid!"