Tuesday 20 September 2011

Durchgespielt & Rausgeholt

This one of the pieces in the program, but without me, sorry. If you wanna hear me, you'll have to come to the show. Money - F.A.R.
Our performance will include this track preceded by Sex, and continue with War, Art, Religion, Death, and Speed. We're going on last. The challenge for me is to find my niche, for the most part frequency, but not to forsake the mesh. Based on tonight's rehearsal, we'll manage. Nexus said that Markus might be getting out by his birthday Friday. After further inquiry, the response from Sven: "...he is already out!" Thanks to everyone who donated and for everything else. Unfortunately, as Olivia sings above and Jack crows under Blood Debts and Death Magic, not everyone is so fortunate. Nighty-night. I have a long couple of weeks ahead of me.