Wednesday 21 September 2011

Wir sind Papst, motherfuckers!
&u cn b2

Public comment here leading up to our recent local election did not depart from that which I'd already become accustomed, including: "I vote because I don't want to leave such an important decision up to someone else."

That's funny (right?) because in a democracy - whether the republican variety in the US or the parliamentary system in Germany - voting is precisely leaving important decisions up to someone else.

Among his many undertakings on his backpack through the old country, the Pope is gonna speak in the Bundestag today. It won't be a full assembly, though, as several members have decided to boycott, either based on what they view as a violation of the distinction between government and religion, or because they find the moral qualifications of the speaker and/or the speaker's organization questionable.

Can you relate? Would you be honored to have the Infallible Pontiff promulgate from the congressional lectern, or do you shudder at the very notion of Joe Nazinger drooling edict before Boner & Bayhden? [Ed: Boehner and Biden] Would you welcome an address from the Ambassador of the Holy See - who is a head of state, after all - or do you hold dear that separation of the order of the Pulpit on the one hand, and the planning of the Pentagram on the other? Did I say "Pentagram". I meant Pentagon, sorry. Unless you prefer Pentagram.

Either way, you have my full understanding and support.

The Pope was against Troy Davis' execution. How do you feel about that? Simply as a matter of principle, he was also against Larry Brewer's lethal injection. Does that change your opinion? He's against abortion. Now?

I agree with you on all counts.

Perhaps you think that the cop killer in the first case and the heinous nature of the crime in the second deserve "the ultimate punishment" - "ultimate" in this case meaning, like, "totally fucking awesome". I just can't argue with you there.

Or maybe you believe that no killer is worth more than his crime. Wow. Chilling words. Well said. That certainly gives me something to think about.

Or just maybe you are of the opinion that the death penalty is proper when we are absolutely, 100% sure that the accused is guilty of the crime for which he has been sentenced. Why - that is a pragmatism for which I have the ultimate respect.

Just tell me what to think! I'm on your side here!

What I am offering by way of the campaign for ₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥ is a chance for you to neutralize throwing away your first vote which turns the important decisions over to potentially corrupt politicians. And my being a huge believer in Democracy, I enthusiastically serve you towards this end. For you, the one in the one out of many; for the people. For your people. Unless you believe otherwise. I'm o.k. with that too.

Just email your bid. I might vote for you!

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