Sunday, 23 October 2011

Dems are a "middle class" GOP:
Shoppin' at Trader Bo's

Damn near concurrent with the shot-heard-round-th'world announcement of the official full-scale subsidized privatization of that unfortunate situation in the cradle of civilization, Bo Mighty Rama just rammed a really huge spike up all a y'all's ass.

Or, as'll be kazoo'd throughout the coming year without a hint of irony (or getting into too many specifics):
He just added to his list of accomplishments.

I was curious to see if I could find anything about this on ThinDressPress (as of this keypunching, nada), because in searching for details on the freshly minted trade pacts with Korea, Columbia, and Panama, I ran across this post of puke from July 5th. First thing out of their gag reflex:
Senate Republicans last week threw a hissy fit last week [sic] over the Obama administration’s insistence that free trade pacts pending before Congress not be approved without renewing an expired program that aids workers who lose their jobs due to international trade.
I think that's called counterhissyfeiting. Their readers must lap that shit up. As in right off the porcelain rim of the dotOrg server space, the function of which is to spew a continual feed of YOUR PROTECTORS ARE UNDER ATTACK chyme.

To be fair, they are really good at squawking policy and linking Congressional Roll Calls, though that would seem to be a way to get their regular diners to link 'em in their Twat-feeds: Well-informed and politically active.

I ain't linkin' it. The blockquote is goo-gla-bull.

That one snip says so much in spite of itself:
Is it really so hard to recognize without blind qualification that everybody who is doing this deal knows damn good and well that workers are going to lose their jobs big time? So why would either troupe do it?

DrinkGrogRest spun the already blatant crafting of a sellout to sound like one side was carrying all that's blatant, while the other was arduously trying to balance the blatancy with the renewal of a "program" that just happened to be expiring. Classic.

Just. What. Does. One. Call: taxing people to put them out of work and then giving them "assistance" for having put them out of work? Sounds like Democrats really know how to get the economy moving.

It's gonna take some serious gall to campaign on this fucker. And they called the president spineless. Bet the progressive, discerning media consumers'll be savoring them some gall about this time next year (with & without holding their noses: they're politically diverse, after all).

Have you heard about the substantial number of American folk who think they's middle class when they ain't? I wonder how the following dictated dichotomy plays to them:

Pro: "When the middle class suffers everybody suffers."

Con: "When the most affluent Americans are not doing well, everyone suffers."

Pro: "Tax incentives for the middle class give working families a much needed break and increase consumer confidence. This stimulates the growth needed to create more jobs, which, in turn, fosters a sustainable, vibrant economy."

Con: "Lower taxes. This encourages investment. Investment means jobs, which puts more money in the pockets of ordinary, hard-working Americans and leads to a thriving economy."

If you swallow the one, it means you think somebody's got your back. It means you think you're middle class*. It means you think you got something to lose.

If you swallow the other, it means somebody does have your back.

I think at the heart of the loyalty of the working class dyed-in-the-wool liberal lies a sense that Democratic politicians work harder than their counterparts. This is true: It's much harder work pretending to be trying to look out for someone you are not. So many levels.

* In the same way you think you're left of center?