Saturday 29 October 2011

More Better Wars
or Hee Haw gets cancelled

The political process in America is too complicated for someone with my limited education and sophistication to understand. And since I've been out of the country for so long, it helps to have a couple of friends who are Democrats to explain it all to me. For their part, they warn me that Republicans can't be trusted. But this I remember from before I left.

It seems that next year is a really big election that'll decide the future direction the US will take. The Republicans want to go in the direction of Hell. The Democrats don't want to do that. But for the Democrats to avoid going with the Republicans to Hell and taking all of America and probably the rest of the world with them, it is really important to increase the good wars to at least sixty percent so that they can stop the Elephants from fighting their bad wars with these filly-busters, which apparently are able to seek out and destroy Donkeys.

Then, and only then, will they be able to reinstate the Congress' constitutional authority to rubberstamp all of the wars. The reason they can't do that now is because, even though he is drawing down the bad wars, the president knows that the Congress cannot be trusted to fight them in the right way, this being one of the main things that makes a bad war bad. The last Republican president showed us that by creating the dictatorship that the current president suffers under.

The United States is undergoing a political awakening, which could be a good or a bad thing. It is too early to tell. A lot of people are camping in the cities in order to keep guys like Donald Trump from getting to their cars. My friend tells me this is okay as long as people from Democratic fundraising dinners can get to their cars without being embarrassed, or their girlfriends getting their dresses ruined.

The pigs are throwing things at the Iraqi Vets, who are also camping. Pigs are really intelligent animals, but don't understand the not-unlikelihood that just such vets will be their partners one day, since the pig profession is the only one left that would hire someone potentially more unstable than a pig who hadn't already been a vet.

I think the reason why the vets are called "Iraqi" is because this particular group of vets used to kill Iraqi babies. Some of the vets are camping because they now believe that their killing of the Iraqi babies was wrong. Some of them are still proud of having killed Iraqi babies, but are camping for some other reason. My friends tell me that this is a complex issue, but that the vets are all heroes as long as they are for the Democrats. The only reason they killed babies is because the Republicans made them, or it was a mistake.

They tell me that mistakes happen when you are struggling to keep the Republicans from taking us all to Hell. I sure am glad some things never change. Otherwise we'd be in Hell already.