Tuesday, 27 March 2012

relative & contact clauses

It began with a dream, which I imagine it always does. The location was one I travel often enough: a wide street that curves to the left. The object was a colleague, who'd subsequently become a friend and who I have not seen for over a year. The dreamer, who I suppose was me, expressed the difficulty in maintaining a meaningful friendship with a person of much lesser intelligence. My acquaintance cum friend, who's spending a while in another country in real-space, looked askance. My comment had been in reference to a different friend with whom I haven't had contact for so many years that I've lost a certain contact to the person I was when I knew him.

The dream conversation, like those in film (which I suppose they always are) took place during a zoom-out. The zoom-out, which may have actually been more like a sequence of jump cuts, was necessary because we began the conversation close to one another and ended up on opposite sides of the street, which were opposing sides of a corner of sorts. Our distance increased with her skepticism and continued with my consequential insecurity and attempt at clarification.

It ended in real life. An acquaintance, who is different from the one in the dream, shared the sad news of the death of a colleague with whom I am not acquainted.

Additional details of what came in between, which include branches of history of my personal familiarity (like everything else I suppose) and a cycle around that same curve only an hour after having dreamt about it, are likewise relative.