Saturday, 31 March 2012

Die Mamafrage:
Antwort auf die Frage von Mama

Who conceived The Question?
Does a dog ponder the meaning of its existence? If not, does this mean that it is conscious, insofar as it is not unconscious, but, still, not a container of consciousness? And who am I to say that just because I can wonder about a canine's consciousness that I am any more-so?

Is the Moon closer than tomorrow?
Depends on how fast you're traveling, I guess. The circumference of the Earth is about 40,000 kilometres, making the speed at which an Ecuadorian flies into tomorrow circa 1,700 kilometres per hour.

Now'd be the time to go
This month saw the distance between the two spheres at roughly 360,000 kilometres. So at the above ciphered rate of human motion, you'd get there in less than 212 hours.

To calculate a Laplander's velocity from midnight to midnight, you'd need the cosine of your latitudinal measurement, something I don't feel much like getting my head around. Less scientifically - and ignoring Santa's wobbly motion - let's say he's going zero anythings per hour. He's never gonna get to the Moon, but can take heart that tomorrow is, still, only a day away.

At seventy degrees north, one'd be a third of the way (thirty degrees out of ninety) to 1,700 k/h, which is about 567 kilometres per hour (I realize this may be a gross misunderstanding of how things work, but I don't care).

So a northern Finn would spend over eighty days journeying to the lunar surface. (Why not? He whiles frozen in the dark for nearly two months every winter.) From where I sit, it would take a bit more than a month. So I guess I'll meet you on the moon for Cinco de Mayo, Mama.

Bark at the face
From another perspective: I'll be able to see the Moon tonight. I won't see tomorrow before then. And I don't reckon I wanna.