Sunday, 1 April 2012

die Gegenwart dauert an

The more change, the greater the ratio of weight to currency.

Frankfurter Tor in '64
Our pockets are full of history's change. Our currency is heavy. Collectively, heavier than it's ever been.

The Changer in Chief and Chief Obstructor have not paid the debt that came with their offices because of the present. More specifically, the Present Continuous. For one not content to actively face this verbal virtue: "Murder and detention are being continued." And with impunity.

Frankfurter Tor in '12
The Passive form enables a pretension of ignorance. It postpones blame. The requisite Past Participle "continued" lends an air of the forgone, because it's "being done".

Presently, to use the Active voice, champions of the Changer in Chief must apply the Past Tense proper in order to shirk the rap: "That change was in his pocket when he put the pants on. That's the change he has to deal with."

But the present continues forever. It's stubborn that way. Even if it appears to be the unlucky few who are getting pelted with the change, the future is raining down on all of us.