Thursday, 10 May 2012

Flop Flipping on Bagged Sand

President [Bo Rama] came to the decision that he personally supported same sex marriage early in 2012, top administration officials told reporters shortly after the president announced that support.
Hee-lare! The cynical amongst you might think that this appearance was simple politicking, what with the way it was "leaked" and Bidenated, prepackaged and punditized. Those of you who think you know a little something about how the West Wing functions during reelection season - because, like, Don'tcha know who wrote that show? - think that he's just forcing Mitt's hand and/or drawing distinctions between himself and the, uh, challenger. But all that shit presupposes that anyone is that desperate. Don't you know who's writing this show?

This political positioning, so blatantly timed, may or may not bring more gaze upon the electoral fold, but what it does do is facilitate a cranked-up absurdity within the unisex spouses of Stepford set, with recitations of how refreshing it is to have an intelligent leader whose opinions are "still evolving".

And from casual observer to rugged opposition, it either amuses or frustrates to see just how animated, yet brain-dead the Talking Points 'Morandas are. Y'see, all the emperor needs is his peeps to keep peepin'.

That power vested, you're now pronounced poked. Like?