Saturday, 12 May 2012

't's Vic Hour Rambling

No, not 'nonspecific urethritis-NSU', but just as pernicious apparently, the NSU.

21st Century National Socialists. Though I'm not so sure how 'neo' they are, nor would I refer to someone who's against one form of state in favor of another as 'anti-state'. They were/have been going around murdering citizens of immigrant extraction. Had/Have financial support. Capitalists funding the xenophobic underground. Taking care of their own. Or something.

An active cell of underlings in Zwickau seemed to be right congenial folk according to the manager of the Greek restaurant at least one of them frequented. I sought the place out, but wasn't able to talk myself into gyros and decided not to go in. If delectability w/ tzadziki couldn't lure me, faux-cial anthropology didn't stand a chance.

If there's an advantage to catching the only Mitfahrgelegenheit back to Berlin at three in the morning, it's getting back in time to walk to breakfast and see the drinkers closing out the night; I never get out of the cave before 7:00 otherwise.

Right around 6:00 starts the final hour of a timelapse-like dissipation (of darkness and dissipation), beginning a few hours earlier with the louder and less coherent, occasional sidewalk pukers under nothing but streetlamps and moonlight. I arrived in time to see what was left, aside from vestigial vomit, a bit surprised at how non-indulged the not-so bitter-enders seemed. Even a girl with a nachhause bottle in her hand looked clear-headed, walking a tight line, talking to her partner, relaxed and in control. They carried a sense of dignified accomplishment with them.

Had I waited for the first train out of Zwickau, and there been any tipsy street stragglers about, it'd've felt hairier, I'm sure. Not that that in and of itself is a bad thing. I don't suddenly believe that every stinky black-clad Saxonian is a nazi. I'm often cloaked in black, if not to the skin.

Mighta stunk, not waking in time to shower. My lift didn't complain. Smokers.

Zwickau in the 21st Century - Broken, elegant, alone