Sunday, 17 June 2012

₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥ Update

₫-mar-kr-€-C$-¥ lays it all out: Your money will dictate to me precisely how to fill out my ballot, which is to include candidates for the following offices:
President of the United States
Representative for Illinois' 5th district in Congress
State Senators
Representatives in the General Assembly
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners
State’s Attorney
Clerk of the Circuit Court
Recorder of Deeds
State Supreme Court Judges, vacancies
State Appellate Court Judges, vacancies
Cook County Circuit Court Judges & Subcircuit Judges, vacancies
Additional Judgeships (if required)
The incumbent in our district goes by the name of Quigley. If that sounds like not all you need to know, there is this, from his congressional website:
Mike argued for reevaluating our global needs and building a military to match those needs.
Tough talk from Congressman Quigly.

We should go easy on Mike. With Fifth District predecessors like Blagojevich and Rostenkowski, how bad could he be?

It is also notable that he got there by way of special election, replacing a vacancy left by the guy who used Bo Rama's Staff Chief Position as a springboard to Big City Dickhead and, for all I know, can do for his former boss what Dick Joe did for Jackcelot in '60. A bigger monger of whatever kind you won't find on any side of the Gaza Strip, than the Rockin' Rahmulan. As to his replacement, smart money has Quigley in the 5th.

And if it's historic-piety that it takes to coax your dough my way, I remind you that this is the district founded with the seating of Stephen Douglas as its first congressman in 1847. If that doesn't do it for you, then how about first "congressperson"? (Though that's a bit disingenuous considering no woman was allowed to give him her vote, and only men could run against him. I can imagine the current president having had something to say about the "long road travelled from Douglas to Emanuel", back in their illin' noise daze, before he and Rahmulan had moved on to occupy the West Wing.)

Speaking of the tiny twirling dictator, and as a brief aside to the resident municipality (which is not up for democracy this time around), the Fun Times has this little addendlet to its on-line story about the Chicago Teachers Union blowing past the mayor's hard won seventy-five percent plurality-hurdle with a ninety-percent "Yes" on whether or not to strike:
EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to unacceptable language, personal attacks and other destructive and racist language, comments on this article have been disabled.
You see, this is why we can't have nice blogs. If you know the most segregated city like I do, then you know that there are plenty of Fun Times' readers who dogearmarkingly regard the mayor (teh Jooz) and teachers (teh Blax) with equal animus.

Back to the vote to strike: One might reckon what nine out of ten teachers think about the mayor, but how many of them, do you think, are still pushing for his former boss?


If you should feel the need to apprise yourself of the remaining candidates, the research is up to you. Now, if said due diligence is pursuant to the issue of trust as it relates to my submitting the absentee ballot expressly as instructed, I remind you, once again, how democracy works*.

What are you gonna do with the money?
- How much you bidding?

*sue me

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