Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mitt the Lesser?

Sure, he's a rich ess-o-bee who says callous things about the working poor and unemployed (in addition to anyone else who'll never vote for him). He knows no shame in catering to a GOP base, which political analysts would tell you is not the thing you wanna hafta be doing once General Election season is underway, but, yeah, he's gotta try to win over as many of them as he can through to the convention; then he can get all Mittrist and Mitterate.

A staunch Independent might say that he hasn't accumulated enough record to be measured as the lesser or greater. But as things stand & all things considered, might he be - if not of greater moral fomentation - at least he, the lesser-willing to foment evil?

I'm not one to advocate for lessers either way. But if I were, I'd wanna consider all my options.