Saturday, 8 September 2012

Inside the lines of our Image Nation

This is one-dimensional: Left <________________> Right
Place yourself on that line, there're only two ways to move.

This is two-dimensional:
A lot of room to move, but no depth. This image doesn't illustrate an analysis, just a narrow summary rooted in the same lazy line-drawing found on the one-dimensional, left-right scale of identity politics.

The more politically involved we fancy ourselves, the more likely we embrace an identity represented by a spot on a line or graph. Even if we see ourselves as more complex than the simple left-right spectrum would allow, we still allow our reduction to a cartoon.

It is said that (in the real world) politics is compromise and that ones shouldn't limit their support to single issues. Yet this leads to a willingness to default, any- and everything in the name of a single image.