Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fueled by Friction

The Fourth empire has run with the story that the Middle East is in flames "over an awful Internet video that [the SoS and whoever she's speaking for] had nothing to do with".

The Press has an Islamamob acting in unison and got pictures of signage and chanting and burning flags to back them up. This encourages others to join the cause, and designers at The Press just love it because it justifies an increase in their own headline font size, which looks kind of cool.

But all that's just a coincidence, for, just like eleven years ago, the Americans were suspicious of the nature of the real crime as it happened. Or something.

Q: How did Uncle Sammy know so quickly that the Death of an Envoy was in the works before the self-viral raving "Homohammed the Movie" came down the YooToobs?
A: I'll bet they know a guy who knows a guy.

Hearsay is admissible in the court of intelligence gathering, with the extry-added bonus that the Execu-cutioners enjoy Plausible Denial. It works the same way with The Press. Confidential sources and all that.

There's no conspiracy necessary, just people willing to believe one thing at the expense of something else. That is, accepting of the uber-logical notion that we'd rather this not be happening.

Adherents of any politician are told what to think and how to think it, but supporters of Bo Rama were at a slight disadvantage this past Eleventh Holiday: they had to wait for the president's pledge of justice before gleefully demanding 'payback' for those murderous Al Katydids in Libya. There is something special about Democrats when it comes to taking marching orders; they're so solemn and thoughtful about their claims of more righteous incivility.

So now there are Marines to complement the drones in Yemen and Sudan [Khartoum turned away Marines], and drones and Marines to supplement the Dollar'd Saudi Laundry in Libya. Responsibility dies with the dead.

Continuity of Government demands the continuous explosion of expensive explosives. If you don't understand how your tax dollars shore up the institutions to keep this caboodle fluid, you're just an average voter struggling to stay well-informed.

There's plenty of side-sport. Kayfabed or not, it's still just electoral wrestling. It doesn't really matter whether the movie which sparked the Islamic Autumn was funded by Terry Jones and the Coptic Pope or Bain Capital and the Brothers Koch, directed by a Jewish princess or the other Terry Jones, or if the ambassador was killed by sleeper Mossad'versaries of Tehranian fuel rods or a cloned Roger Clinton wearing an Anonymous mask over his real Nixon identity while channelling the ghost of the recently late Reverend Moon.

It doesn't even matter if the video itself is what's really un-resting the pre-occupied natives. The biggest, reddest headlines read CHAOS and MOB RULE and no amount of second guessing below the fold can destroy the unexamined secret solace in somehow knowing that an unruly mob can be easily blown to bits if the shit gets too out of hand.

Nobody has to draw this up. Blowback Blueprints are encoded in the DNA. Fomenting friction is as easy as ABC. In the world of big-time war-waging, friction doesn't prevent perpetual motion, it sets it off.

And none of the bitching back and forth between the ones who cry "socialist" and the ones who Tweet "rich Mitt" jokes will change that general consensus; the only thing they disagree on once the bombing starts is who should be ordering the strikes.

At the end of the day, one of them gets elected, the policy continues, half of the electorate is pleased with themselves, and a whole lot of other people can sleep peacefully, knowing that this massive machine runs itself.