Monday, 17 September 2012

Heinz Hearts Hohenzollern

In an interview with Germany's most circulated newspaper (one that uses exclamation points in its standard reports), the guy they named the Kissinger prize after expressed his enthusiasm for the reconstruction of the Berliner Stadtschloss.

Upon seeing a mock-up of the castle in 1993, it really drove home to him what an important symbol it was. When asked what it stood for, the Fürther-by-birth, former foreign secretary answered that, for him, it was a symbol of Germany's history and future and that it stood for a special form of patriotism and devotion.

Not that his support is needed. Despite an overwhelming majority against it, and a massive cost explosion that had been foreseen in one of the construction bids not accepted, it's being built. Sort of. It will be finished. Eventually.

Move your cursor over the picture for another symbol of devoted historical futurism.

Backround: printiN' t'fYT perspective

Dueling re-summary of Kissinger's remarks via the Bild: