Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Post Progressive Pomp

Hover over the image to read the prompter right-way round.

Click the pic and flashback to another of his brazen brushes with MLK.

Or watch Brother Cornel's take. Amidst Professor West's personal display of dutiful displeasure at the subversion of "prophetic fire" for pomp and circumstance and the shrouding of righteous rage beneath political criminality, he still evinces a smidgen of what BLCKDGRD might call "not ready for Obamapostasy" through an expression of gladness at retro-theoretical smaller catastrophes and a professed possible pliability of the smaller dastard under pressure.

I don't know if that makes West more like King or the president, but like to believe the former, and still can't say for sure that pressure hasn't made the latter what it might - a dastardly chief - but doubt that's the case and think it doesn't matter.