Sunday, 24 February 2013

Manning up & Milking:
a phantom sheeple tailing their chase

Merkel in Ankara will today reiterate solidarity with the Turks as ongoing Atlantis Northerly partner in blowing shit up - her having recently recapitulated that the Russians remove their diplomatic obstacle to removing the president of Syria because he's blowing shit up (a reminder that NATO is blowing up the badder terrorists while al-Assad is blowing up the momentarily gooder ones).

While, for his part, the German foreign minister mirror'd a GEuRo colleague's recent prediction that France & Germany would come crawling on their knees to Turkey (albeit not until the coming decade) by warning that if the EU isn't careful regarding the question of their membership, the hour may indeed come when Europe is more interested in Turkey than Turkey in Europe (still, "the question" is not for today, but for "the end of the process").

You can probably gazette your mirror to it.

Tree questions:
1) ¿quién es más macho?
(Anghella Mehrquell o Gido Besterbella)
2) What percentage of turkey is glue?
3) Aren't processes awesome?

The Week or so That Was would have you believe that a disinterested public is suddenly interested because of a little leaked white paper.

What a perfect opportunity for you to sublimate the Chief Reminder that there is one, briefly wonder why O WHY!!!11!!! his office would fan Republican rage, then spend the next several days raging about Republicans.

Quiz: What was that a reminder of?

Are drones a distraction from the fact that no matter the method, the military is a mode of militancy, thereby producing an additional theoretically ethical layer, further shielding the protested from the protester?
Should they be a warning that with each technological lurch towards more efficiently homicidal automation, we're less cognizant of our inhumanity while we relinquish our rights to rites of the progressively inhumane?

Why both, it's both, it's always both!

And though the rights are theoretical & selectively denied, the rites are rather real & ruthlessly applied.

Representatives stand to demand oversight - because, y'know, an additional closet of jurists to mirror the other smoky star chamber would make it all legal-like.

Just as each step towards integration stacks another level of limestone upon the integrated - so too do we suppress our disbelief in one last final instance.

Don't believe all you believe (and less of what you read).

Only some of the press fib outright, while some unwittingly reprint lies, and others do-goodingly carry water for their respective courters (and/or those they believe are doing gooder than the badder would if they could), while all & none uncover the unvarnished truth - to some.

Guardians be gatekeepers, esquires equestrian, but the mirror doesn't lie (or so it thinks and/or would have you believe).

Look at these Filipinos provoking the free world with the brandishing of Tiki torches. Can't they just sign an on-line petition?

Unfortunately for the protesters, the cardboard replicas of unmanned aircraft are no match for the real thing, so they returned home, having killed no-one.