Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I put this moment... here.

UPDATE II: Finally, I put this moment over here!

Another negative response, another re-response from my end, and another response from Eventim Customer Service asking me to confirm that I want my name on my ticket, an answer from me in the affirmative, and:

"I can confirm that this will be actioned by our head office in due course."

I don't know if it was persuasiveness, persistence, or perhaps the fact that I wrote as well to Fish People, Kate's label, who may be the promoter of the gigs, but in spite of still feeling in the right, I am more than grateful.

There's a story there, I'm sure.


Original entry from 29 March:

Re. your not being able to "change the name" on my booking. You say it all there. "My booking". I am David Lee Smith and if my name is not on the booking, you have attributed the booking to the wrong person.

Moreover, the online account I had set up with you [sic] booking system in advance - so that I could expedite the process on the day of the fan pre-sale - by default changed that info to what I typed in the billing address for this order only. Though I promptly changed this info back to reflect that the account is still mine, it is clear that your system is not set up to handle such orders properly.

Along with the divergence in terminology as it relates to "booking" and "billing" - it is clear that you did not take this into consideration when you received the instructions from the promoter.

My friends XXXX & XXXXXX [redacted here only] - whose credit card I used for this booking - have further pointed out, they could not have booked this anyway, for I was the one with special access to the ticket for the fan pre-sale.

Put simply: Printing David Lee Smith on the ticket would not be "changing the name" - but merely putting the name that should have been assigned to it in the first place.

That was in response to this:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email regarding tickets for Kate Bush at the Eventim Apollo, London this summer.

Whilst we sympathise with your request, we are unable to change the name on your booking as the promoter has set strict limitations on this event.

"The name of the lead booker will be printed on each ticket. The name cannot be changed once the booking has been made. The lead booker will be asked to present ID to gain entry into the venue. Failure to adhere the terms and conditions may result in the customer's order being void. There are no exceptions to this rule."

Please accept our apologies.

EVENTIM UK Customer Care Team

They call me "customer" - which I'm sure is customary. Or perhaps they dare-not say my name. What is in a name, after all? Culpability? Responsiveness?

The promoter was explicit that they wanted firmly established non-transferable tickets to avoid the gouging of fans upon their otherwise potential re-sale. That much is understandable. But this is not what they had in mind.

How often is "our hands are tied" or "it was them, not us" a pale substitute for "the world is a cold and rigid place which we do not intend to improve upon"?

It is not necessarily the robots we have to fear, but those who choose to ignore their shortcomings. In a world where there are countless many with problems much greater than mine, I hope nevertheless with shivering, nauseated desperation that this one gets resolved.


by Kate Bush

Hello, Earth.
Hello, Earth.
With just one hand held up high
I can blot you out,
Out of sight.

Peek-a-boo, little Earth.
With just my heart and my mind
I can be driving,
Driving home,
And you asleep
On the seat.

I get out of my car,
Step into the night
And look up at the sky.
And there's something bright,
Travelling fast.
Just look at it go!
Just look at it go!

Hello, Earth.
Hello, Earth.
Watching storms
Start to form
Over America.
Can't do anything.
Just watch them swing
With the wind
Out to sea.

All you sailors,
Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!
All life-savers,
Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!
All you cruisers,
Get out of the waves! Get out of the water!
All you fishermen,
Head for home.

Go to sleep, little Earth.
I was there at the birth,
Out of the cloudburst,
The head of the tempest.
Murder of calm.
Why did I go?
Why did I go?

Tiefer, tiefer.
Irgendwo in der Tiefe
Gibt es ein licht.

Go to sleep little Earth.

- from The Ninth Wave (side two of Hounds of Love, 1985)


Before the Dawn is the title of the imminent residency of shows for which this photo was taken. Only a fan would be able to intuit what this signal foretells of the concerts themselves. Woof!

[Sunday, 5 September 2014: And, finally, I give this moment back.]