Sunday, 18 January 2015

Charlie est Seigneur!

Fair Use & Free Speech - 2015

There comes a time when you stop making excuses and hold them responsible for their actions.


Trying to quell violent ideologies with this terror war is wagging dogs to wrangle cats.

There's this conception that these killers would have killed no matter what, which, of course, depends on what killers you're talking about. As things stand, the relationship between the terrorists and anti-terrorists is one of symbiosis.

The greater problem facing the future is that the more such things happen as in Paris, that is, the closer they hit home, the quicker those immediately affected forget all about what they may have thought about the cause of radical violence and go from what has been a general indifference toward the war on terror to shit-scared support for it. Even harder sceptics are peeled away for as little as one bomb planted closer to home than usual.

The problem with Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons is they've focused too much of their effort on the secondary symptom and not the cause, too many caricatures of the excuse and not the reason. They are NOT the victims of what they drew, but the victims of what they didn't.  So if you believe their stated editorial principles, some of their staff just died in vain.

Now that they've been resurrected, going from some fifty-thousand in circulation to well into the millions, what are the chances they're gonna change course and bite the hand that just fed them?