Sunday 11 January 2015

The conspiracy is... there's no conspiracy necessary.

It's not necessary for a person to be born of humble blood spilled daily in the streets to develop a distaste for the image of an oppressor at home or abroad.  It's not necessary for an oppressor to have rigged and tapped the fields and temples of the fathers for their sons to foster hatred of this professed brother's keeper, yet accept his largess and instructions to further foment what he fosters.  It is not necessary to have at once a passport in his hand and bombs over his head delivered.  It's not necessary to be impoverished and imprisoned.

It's not necessary that one be sponsored and assisted by state-sanctioned covert handlers in order to carry out mass-murder against citizens of that state or its stated allies.

It's not necessary that a structure of security be set for the primary purpose of protecting the interests of the filthiest beneficiaries of their host state's protracted purchase of materials for deadly destruction.  It's not necessary that an aggrieved soul-searcher or hardened criminal be guided to carry out that which is used to justify perpetuating the acquisition and deployment of the same tools ad infinitum.  It's not necessary that just distinguishable organ & vehicle, abettor & executor have expedient distinctions drawn for & against them.

It's not necessary that you believe this is so, or not so.

It is not necessary that any or all or some of these or those agents believe their cover story or rather their stated purpose for them to be tantamount to a terrorist.

But if we're really keeping score...