Saturday, 27 June 2015

Superfecta of Yes We Canonize

Taking the tweet in sequence:

—Not only not universal, the Affordable Care Act is a crony-capitalist scheme that squeezes the marginal to feed first & foremost the wealthiest with whom you'll never be able to swim. A deductible so high that you won't overcome it until you're on life support, but is what you buy to avoid a penalty, is not coverage. As a matter of fact, it's anti-coverage.

 Pooling resources to help the poorest in need has a virtue and logic to it. However, making the country club owner open his doors to everyone while letting him share life guard duty means he gets to blow the whistle. I'm not sure where I am going with this analogy and whether it's those at the deep end or shallow end who need special attention, but all we're accomplishing here is shifting from one place to another the definition of who can least afford it.

To call this a foundation from within which something better will spring ignores for now why many people couldn't afford it to begin with. For all the second hand knowledge you hear about people benefiting from some aspect of this law, there are those who are righteously pissed at the smug certainty that it's someone else's fault entirely they're getting screwed.

—Marriage equality is a beautiful thing. I mean, if the state is gonna sanction marriage, it ought to apply to everyone. One might take this victory as a teachable moment: Is this the only issue anyone was willing to hold someone's feet to the fire over? Or, no, wait. How's Fast Track looking? And what was it about that public option and why should its robustness have mattered if the ACA is all that?

Is the lesson that in the runup to 2016, the all-important, last ditch, desperate SCotUS factor factors in that we need more presidents like Reagan, the guy who nominated the justice who wrote the majority opinion on this monumental decision? Regarding 44's uncanny similarities to 40, it's not just the "uhs" that have it. And Hills has got that moxie, as well. So I guess Reagan will be president forever.

Could it be that the president's "evolution" from foe to key ally is selective? Or does that just make me cynical?  

—The only thing in the Saga bin Laden more dubious than the case against him is the proof he was killed & buried at sea four springs ago. Sure, it's plausible that American military force would be used to sentence & execute someone without so much as an attempt to gather evidence that could withstand actual scrutiny, as that has become standard operating procedure.

And the way they allegedly & unceremoniously disposed of the purported corpse is par for the course as far as cheeky American behavior concerns other cultures' customs. Still, the entire book on this thing from 2001 until now has been perhaps the biggest question-begging dare of the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, there's no challenge too low for a tribalist to crawl under to avoid admitting a tiny truth, especially if it would imply the tiniest blow to their fragile cult of personality.

—Finally, now that the state houses are reeling in the Rebel rag for its last lap, I guess the racists of the greatest American divide will be cheering for that "Kenyan" too? In case you don't know, YesWeDid (found in the above, hashtagged for emphasis) is a relatively new tradition in the taunting of would-be adversaries.

Naturally, it's wordplay on a particular promise of a certain campaign seven summers ago — making it both a pun and proving the residual strength of its multiple award-winning marketing strategy. Though, that it mires amidst matrimonial mirth so much murder makes me miss the days it might have been viewed as being in poor taste to cheer with symbolism so near metaphorical nails in real coffins.

But it's a progressive world, which means nothing is impossible. This includes already two female US state secretaries, the first of whom (appointed by the first symbolically Black president) answered that half-a-million dead Iraqi children were worthy of the sanctions against them, and the second, who might become the first lady president, proved her worthiness as state department head when she giggled, "We came, we saw, he died!"

Not a remark that a progressive would allow out of the mouth of a Republican — whether or not they were aware the camera was rolling or a mic was on, and irrespective of the on/off status of the US asset being remarked upon — at least not without a public finger-wagging. This further highlights just how wide open the future is for progressivism and that no matter where it goes, someone will be gleefully tweeting it.

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