Sunday, 10 March 2019

Adieu AB !

Imagine co-founding an autonomous cooperative of squatters and pooling your resourcefulness to buy the handful of squats you and your comrades are living in and then renovating them yourselves for no other reason than to preserve an otherwise speculator-friendly hipsterberg by sprinkling it with something of personal value without the remotest notion of making financial gain other than  by carving out a spot yourself & others free of the exorbitant rent that is soon to encircle & strangle the rest of your block.

Keep in mind that the only reason your city's functionaries agreed to facilitate any such purchases was because you made them. Power concedes nothing.

Whenever Kate Donovan & davidly needed a studio, AB was there to lend just such a space he'd created, along with his helpful hand to ensure things would air smoothly. Maybe he just didn't want us to destroy his equipment, though I think my misgivings about being a burden on his time so near his normal programme was more a projection of my impatience. He was always nonchalant where I was worried, a real pro where we were out of our element, and tolerant of any and all of it.

History is a love story twixt owners & workers. The Management has provisional party privileges the conditions of which they are aware, which is how they become managers. Otherwise the owners have their sycophants & wannabe sycophant suck-ups w/o party privileges convinced that they're being owned by the workers who refuse to work for the owners.

There is no such thing as a free thinking society without people like AB. He'll be missed on and off the air.

AB in Studio Ansage - Foto von Klara Niederbacher
(corner photo from back in the day)