Sunday, 4 August 2019

An optimist's hot take on erections,
American or otherwise

Of course more radical ideas are not feasible and correspondingly neither are the best candidates. If they were, they and their policies would be just as easy to revoke by future legislators. In this respect, it represents a de facto cross-congressional counterpart to the de jure middle way represented by the stubborn extremists we know as moderates.

As we can see quite on the other hand, it is impossible to take back even our deadliest decisions when "the people" feel dependent on the technology in question. Do we honestly believe that this grey area between selfish convenience & addiction and must & need had not been pre-planned together by interests from raw material, auto manufacturing and arms industries back when budgets were bet on interstates and two-car families that would be able to drive to- & load up at "super" markets with the highest ceilings yet to have heated aisles flanked by open refrigerators of dangling cheeses & lunchmeats carted in from around the brave new free tradable globe?

The hot take of every mention of the default worst president ever's trade war is that, Oh, you drumpfies, don'tcha know you're gonna have to pay for it in the end? Heaven forbid.

One dare not utter the name of the best candidates, being as they are, inevitably the first past the poll question of who's the craziest of them all — and even then one shouldn't rule out their inclusion's being part of the ruse of industrial democracy. Everybody else is just another in the long column of pike wielding gatekeepers of still one more unfortunately irreversible policy of doom.

The extent to which boardroom media and big money controlled alternative sources of the insanest ideas of the internet-age shape the consciousness of even the most hardened cynics is a wonder to behold, or barely if ever to be recognized. One needs to step away from programs and programmed advertising for quite a long time to witness how loony the stuff is. How inconceivable the whole caboodle should be relates directly to its predictability in context.

The problem is, virtually every opinion is conceived out of adequate context. Vote for the one who can win. Or not. Either way, even if you're either all tickle-bellied or held-breath release relieved on erection night, you ain't winnin' shit. But nobody is. And that's win-win.

This serendipitous vid is brought to you w/ a H/T to mistah charley, ph.d.