Sunday 11 August 2019


The apparent final excuse note from Epstein's mother has resulted in the most well-rounded set of conspiracy theories. No, I am not talking about a simple theory vs. "that's what they want you to think"-theory balance, though this countervailing construction has been immediately underpinned with near perfect plausibility. However, this requires, relatively speaking, a more objective plausibility.

This is not how the Guardian sees it, or the priNtYn'T'fit media corps, for that matter. The former declares that the theories "[are running] riot". They add "with Trump's help" for good measure and stamp it an abundance of "conjecture and misinformation", which is tasty in that misinformation begat disinformation under the aegis of just such conspiring. Officially unofficially.

I haven't looked yet but I am sure that the Twat-in-Chief has stamped in turn "faKe news!"  I wonder where he falls as regards the authenticity of the photo of the corpse. Everybody has the fake news they rail against and the fake news they trust. One guy's Daily Mail is another's spam. Still, if you think your go-to source is reliable for what they print and choose not to, I'm sure I can point to hard evidence of that source's having been caught engaging in the most unethical of journalistic practice.

Come on. Who among you did not see this coming? Be honest. As an editorial aside, thinking at any point "I hope he doesn't die before trial; conspiracy theorists would have a field day!" counts as seeing it coming.

From the pure perspective of the aesthetics of shape, the beauty of the dueling conspiracies is that at their center, having what will no doubt be the longest legs, is the man whose name their respective proponents cannot not utter nauseated ad nauseum and mockingly nauseated ad nauseum. We have reached "Thanks Obama" to the power of nine-eleven.

In this corner, weighing in at a gazillion subscribers — lending plausibility that the world is inundated with them — "He was Hillary'd!" or the cleverer "Foster'd", either of which mean that Jepster's the latest addition to the "Clinton body count." Before you sigh too loudly, note that they were high from the previous day's unsealed documents revealing a statement that all but exonerated any sexual involvement of Don XLV and implicated a former Democratic governor and, though not the one they'd hoped it would be, this would seem to be exculpatory evidence in favor of the MAGA mind, in that it would give the Trump Cartel no reason to off his alleged former friend. Most important is that it steals their challengers' "I know you are but what am I" retort. Commence with the celebratory Hillary-huffing. It got 'em this far.

And in this corner weighing in to state the fact that the main focus since Jepster's arrest has been on no other relationship more than that of his and the president's. They're all, "WTF!" Especially with that in mind, it just "stinks to high heaven!"  "Justice must still be done!" For good measure there's plenty of innuendo involving a Kushner-Saudi nexus, the latter of which is allowed since November 2016. Interestingly, nevertheless, neither brand of news org sees fit to copy & paste that kind of conjecture. This just-spitballing speculation smells like an acceptable substitute for anything Israeli, which'd be akin to screaming "teh Jewz!"

Keep in mind that their version of the declared outrage of justice was being posted well before any of their corner bothered to look again to see what their opponent was up to. They could respond by pointing out that the circumstantial evidence against the president's alleged old friend President Bubba was way less massive, and besides involved philanthropic deed-doing instead of merely recreational activity; but that's a whisper in the still strongly echoing chorus from the "Hillary'd!" hive. Still, team MSNBDNC just knows that the Russians are involved, even if it doesn't represent their views.

I tend to think there's a conspiracy here that involves a different breed of polygonal stagecraft. One that has, for posterity's sake, suiciding as part of its job description. Officially unofficially. I have no doubt that Jepster's predilections were used as a honeypot to maintain mob rules, i.e. blackmail-able members.

Wh'all it implicates is anyone's guess — another thing that makes public-private honeypots so sweet. Enabling doubleplus highlights of a house divided buries cooperation in the halls that function better when lesser noted. That, and that it's the bitterest of sweet victories that would free a pedophile because they were entrapped. And anyway, it'd take a pretty skilled lawyer to uncover that sticky mess. Sounds like a job for Dershowitz. Oh. Too soon? Nope. Too late.