Tuesday 31 March 2020

Low white camper of paste dream

In the dream, it's Gock and me and David Bowie. We're in the great outdoors, away from any real estate. Doing cocaine, though in real life, Gock and I don't indulge. But it's a dream and, y'know, David Bowie.

As to the appearance, not sure, but maybe at one point or another the landscape is snowy. It doesn't feel any temperature.

Gock says we have to take a quick excursion in the pickup. We all climb in. He motors off. I tell him to slow down, twice, along the country road and again as we approach a crossroads.

He speeds into a left turn, not so much to flout my admonitions, as I am thinking, but, as it turns out (and as in some implicitly similar affair during a previous outing, indicated in a manner that this be tradition) he is freeing the bed of the truck of water before we load the camper.

We turn back and go the same route, after which Gock declares the mission accomplished. We climb out and lift the camper, which is malleable, like... yeah... dough. Best I can describe it is that it is stable enough to stand but is as light and flexible as cardboard covered in white tape. The outer appearance is more like that of paper machete or... dough.

It it quite low and slightly slack, but has one of those luggage compartments that extends over the cab. Along the side is lettering, the contents of which are now fading from my awoken memory memory. There was a funny word like "moths" but I think the German or Dutch "Motten". It's ironic, because it accompanies the words "vegan" and "halloumi".

David Bowie takes the wheel and we ride on at the twilight hour of the morning. He's sentimental as this is tradition. Come to think of it, like the camper, the whole truck is really low as well. Dream low.

We see another truck approaching at a crossroads as it occurs to me that we are both driving floats. They are waving protest signs. The occupants that suddenly appear in the back of our vehicle, which may have been people dressed as animals or actual animals, wave ironic protest signs to mock the first.

Later, perhaps at our camp site, one of our pets bravely makes noises to ward off the unseen dragon outside. Who knows if it was a dragon? It was probably the Amazon delivery man.