Saturday 4 July 2020

Thinging our hway thru the universe.. .

Gouda eve-ning. Is me, Vlad the Imp... aler. But please do not be fretting your emotion strings, I am not here for blowing scary spike in collective lung, like little crown dubbed Product 19 by world's genius virus men. Forget where is come from - everybody know 2020 is year of shit!

As Head of State 2.0 2.0, with spanking new maturity date that is making Merkel seem like bump in road head of government, I wish American comrade Happy Fourth of July. Is true that now only in Russian is Head of State having more power than Government leader, except for in country with no more head of state. Or American Veep when he is having stock in Army market. Then there's France. But honestly I am lucky also to keep true my function as figurehead guy who says these happy thing like "Enjoy your holiday world community friend!" May your war on terror make you not afraid on your special day.

Is still war on terror or are you calling this a new name? Is so yesterday, no? Like from 2011 when all the US American newspaper are saying "Happy Nine Eleven Birthday, but we gonna do this forever or what?" Now soon it will be n-n-n-n-nineteen! How time is flying when having a time!

You don't have to be telling us Russian, believe me! Soviet Empire is maybe because of Afghanistan coming down. One day I hope Russian Tom Hanks can be Russian Charlie Wilson in movie about this topsy turvy times. But good times. All these thing are making me wonder what blowback is to look like in two decades, if the great God is willing for me to win election in 2036. I can only make bed. Voter must decide. Like pee bed for Traahmp. Is true! But in US, reality TV was existing before reality TV was existing. Where all darling TV personality was always asking man of zero empathy "You ever gonna wanna be president already?"

Is like saying just to be billionaire — not even to be talking about where million dollar debt is same as super equity in long run at same time ten grand debt is like homeless in three month — is enough to make all media like barely legal, giddy schoolgirl and boy asking such stupid question of rock & roll sexy man. Then one day everybody wake up and some crazy people still have guy with no empathy poster on wall. Maybe poster is better. Easier to remove than big statue.

Ah, yes. Big American media is only giving the people what they are wanting. Is their slogan for years already, which is making clear that they are deep thinker of truth and irony with only the interest of regular US American people and not being in any way like Politburo mouthpiece for billionaire class of asshole. Is in these thing where is to read that now it is the Facebook that is big scary spooky US American Democracy murder machine with yours truly standing at top of panopticon and pointing to troll farm of gooey hacker and screaming, "Mwaaaaaa haha!"

To talk like your Traahmp, some are saying these thing. Maybe is so. Maybe is not.

Or maybe is that I am one of tiny wheel in big machine of crazy murder squirrels, with behind the scene comrade same billionaire class I just now make fun of.

Bottom line is now everything that is making American feel depressing on Facebook is only work of Russian troll. Therefore US American is still number one good guy deep inside beating of redneck, white pride, and blue-blooded heart. Will be interest to see how much better US America will be being when finally the Veep is winning the 270 dollar of democracy lotto on way back to White House. Ah. Which Veep, you ask? The Jesus Man or the hold your nose at automat and say "Jesus, man"? Take your pick. You are having these choice! I am the one was wanting Bernie Sanders to poop all over party of Democrat. Is funny, no?

On third thinking, please believe I am guy with end of world drone. This is good for ego. Except instead of top of mountain looking down, I am in basement like Rupert Pupkin with strawboard cutout from all world leader. Vlad is the one to stand big and tall and give order in scary bear bray: SOOOOOOOOOW DISSENSION!!!11.

Ghislaine Maxwell is not kidding herself.