Saturday, 11 December 2021

21st century schizoid man goes at 21

What stands out is that all but one of my live experiences with KC was an occasion to attend with my brother. The first came in '84, which accounts for ToaPP being co-favorite with the other two albums of the era, then eleven years later for the double-trio, and then a pair of shows in 2000 and one '08. 
Our first show together outside of Chicagoland came in Berlin in '16 and then Denver in '19. My "point of seeing", I would say, mingles with the experience of having gone with the guy who introduced me to their music when we were both still teenagers. 
Pardon the pun of the old goat's having shadowed himself so many times in performance, but there are no lowlights. Particularly exhilarating was our sitting literally at RF's feet in 2000, which is the only Crimson I know of whereby he stooled himself downstage of the entire band. It was almost too-close for comfort, then, that we witnessed the fiery fingers of Fripp fly through LTiAIV and FraKctured i.a.
That they most recently managed to reconfigure past repertoire into their ultimate arrangements, in spite of the decades-long established laughable unlikelihood that this band that only ever kept creating new music was going to play the oldies, and to, of all things, have driven Schizoid Man into the 21st century to eclipse its 21st year is a feat that speaks and bespeaks.
Peerless in Plectrum Plaque