Thursday, 14 April 2022

In an Easterly Way

If I told you, would you believe me, or would you think it's only oily hearsay again already? Gather round my feet, you boys. Watch them wiped of tears with long locks of harlot hair. See some will affect an air of disgust, secretly breathing it in as hot as the hair flows long.
Say you will eschew the raw loser script to seek instead a certain something from the prophesy of the prosperity of universal suffrage, which, as familiar to a time, indemnifies offspring of them in that way from the certainty of their certain fate, which way means with child destined to die. See the cross as symbolic of the conversion all bear when all is seen & said & done, so as the rabbis reviewed told tales before.
See many a minister act angered, as at an alleged betrayal. They who forgo instead the raw loser script solely when they see their flock fleeing for the doors. They who then embrace the prosperity prophesy in moments made for their exclusive enrichment. They who say the priests and the rabbis blaspheme the one true truth upon which the ministered base their faith & fate. They who accuse all else of everything under which there is nothing new.
When their time comes upon all they have seen & upon all they have said & upon all they have done, it is their conscience will dwell in heaven or hell. Who of you too will not cross that trestle eventually? In the meantime, enjoy your meal.