Friday, 22 June 2007

Present Continuous

It 'll 've been six years since Barry and Tracee and I stood behind his nerve speech for his sixty-first annual entry onto this stage when Fred Burkhart wakes up tomorrow.

Fred'll be officially 66 when our sun next rolls beneath me, though you'll find that if you want to calculate all of his birthdays, including tomorrow's, you'll have to include his first day of birth, on this earth, the one and only number zero.

Indeed one can say he is 66 years old tomorrow. But, as he was sapient enough to allude to last year, it's his 67th birthday. And his blood flows on.

Speaking of bloodflow:
Had the artist currently known as Jesus not wanted to be nailed down to one eternal interpretation, then he might've chosen the playground over Golgotha. Though I suppose he wouldn't've imagined being taken too seriously were his iconography 'Savior in Swing'.