Monday, 31 March 2008

blieb fest!

Bleepfest is over, but a few highlights resonate. Since a sizable chunk of the artists hail from- and/or live in- the UK, it's not unlikely that some of them would turn in my personal favo(u)rite performances for this event.

Friday night's included Psychetronic, who haven't forgotten the value of theater. Their sound brought to my mind Public Image of the funkier kind; perhaps Pfunk pronounced "pfffunk".

Ohmnoise wowed on Saturday, represe'in' Berlin with his unforgiving rendition of swine fever; I really should've had my ears plugged, though.

But after last night, pattysplanet could've easily made one forget anyone else was on it, regardless a dey country of origin. Barry would've said, "she really whupped the Llama's ass!" but I don't think this does justice to how she whipped up the crowd I had just bleeped to sleep.

At events like these you see your share of loops and sequences, that is, you HEAR them even if you don't see the artist manipulating them; so is the way of the laptop musician. Patty had her Mac with also, but the similarity ends there: Every creation was clearly perceivable as she so calmly laid vocals and harmonies upon one another in such a way as to make me forget it had ever been done before.

Technically, she worked the pedals as good as I've seen, and made great use of her D-beam sensor as well, seemingly having quite a good time with it. I'd like to think that my own infrared chicanery influenced her, but fear last night was not my best, to say the least.

Patty's saxophone playing, including a MIDI sax, was so sweet; I caught a glimpse of Soundman Jack on the opposite side of "the stage" mirroring my mist. And if that wasn't enough, she ripped the roof with some pretty damn deep-down, dark & dirty sewer-fuawt funk... uh dig it.