Saturday, 15 November 2008

Just Play Along

Any citizen of the world would do well to emancipate himself from psychological slavery, but that will hardly diminish an ongoing misdirection from sustaining subservience to destruction - irrespective of nationality, race, or skin color.

These toys conceived and designed by our most brilliant minds and manufactured by our hero captains of industry are a technologically effective preparation for war, and we are footing the bill to appease our increasingly distracted children, indirectly funding our darling-warriors' training. How much do we really spend on the military? It is our lifeblood.

We have come a long way. Our way of life - once a post-slavery segregated serfdom disguised as reconstructive social-capitalism - now boasts a new appeal to patriotism redesigned as multi-ethnic community renewal, and bipartisan hegemony cloaked in post-racial democratic politics.