Sunday, 18 January 2009

DC Marvel

from right to left

The final chapter is being written on all that was wrong and unjust yet instructive in the promise to always redress indiscretions not worthy of our unique virtue.

We've been reckless and corrupt lately, having lost our way to carelessness and greed. But, hallelujah, the folklore of our mighty future is recast and the image of our compassion, strength, honor, and pride is back on track!

In the heart of DC returns the heart of a dark knight. Who of us can forget how just last year he defeated his every foe, skillfully navigating the narrow path in his chase without taking one soul? (until an unfortunate incident at the end, after which he fled, instructing law enforcement to lie in order to preserve the incorruptibility myth).

The days are gone when we wield our weapons as forces of anything less righteous than the real necessary good. With our having redisplayed the supreme nature of our egalitarian example and reestablished our moral authority, the world may (once again) once again marvel at our beacon of lighthearted iron will.

We turn the page on past cynical politics capitalizing on fear and mistrust, and - in reflecting on the law above which no one stands - we look forward to the future.