Thursday, 1 January 2009

Liberalisierung des Handels

Good evening. Most of you who read magazine are not needing introduction to me, but for the ones living in cave for years, I introduce you how they call me all time we do meeting for business: "Vlad the Impaler."

Is funny, we have no word for this in Russia. Many misunderstanding happen because of this name. Anyway, not to worry, I am not here for ramming big spike through your body like Bush is doing pig when we barbecue together in Texas.

I am here in spirit of good will for wishing you new year full with glasnost. Now: Can you tell me is glas half full, or is glas half empty? That was joke. Anyway, you may wonder, 'Why glasnost?' Why not happiness? Or lot of money?

These are good question. I answer second one first: We who have much money can giving to anyone. Is silly to wish to someone. Plus, we not really like to give, and maybe "wish" is sound is like promise. That was kind of joke.

The first part of question - why not happiness - cannot be answer. And is why I wish you glasnost. Glasnost concept is important for people. Is because people in Soviet Union feel no glasnost, I lose job at KGB. Now is only hobby.

When I was young man, many in my homeland have big idea about making open way of government. What is not realize, with much things is better to not knowing. For example in history from USA: How is make you feel to finding out leader of CIA kills most love president? Everyone is remembering where they are when they hear this news. Even my mother! Is like trauma!

But senator impaling emperor from Rome is just good puppet show. People not remembering so much puppet show.

Is another reason why manager is not real boss: You know boss is asshole with toupee. But real boss can barbecue asshole. All he need is big metal spike and place to barbecue.

There was time when all people know these thing. All was crazy, was like middle age time. Well, it was middle ages. Anyway, what I mean to telling to you is this: Hold on to glasnost in your mind. Because if you have real glasnost, is making you crazy like in middle ages.

For man on street is better not knowing much rules from society. Is nice for person to talk about human rights, but what to do when many human don't pay for food or television? We must take money, yeah?

Same is for like when we must deliver goods for customer, and another one - the one who UN is saying we cannot take their money - they steal from us food and television on way to customer. Here is no rule. We break legs. Minimum.

Is same everywhere! Worker is getting goods and country - and business taking care of business. Is like great American gangster movie. Ruler don't must follow rules. And is no country that make this rule.

Is rumor in Russia that American children they are joking about Russian country. In my country, children from worker in Gazprom are telling Enron joke.

So I wish you glasnost. But only for peace in the mind and Happy New Year.